Digital Destruction of Creativity

An Investigation into the effects of digital culture on the design process

Dissertation _ MA Architecture, Royal College of Art 2012

A thriving digital culture has been absorbing design students and practice for the past few decades. Initially used to speed up the banal architectural drafting processes of the 80s, digital tools and the way in which they are used is starting to have a much greater influence in the design of the built environment. More recently, a shift in design pedagogy sees our profession immersing itself in new technological practices and undoubtedly new possibilities. But at what cost to the profession? How have digital tools affected the practice and study of design in this most recent of digital waves? And how will this impact the users of the built environment we as designers create?

This dissertation aims to dissect a digital culture that has been growing for many years now. By analysing the influence of a digital toolset on the architectural profession, I hoped to understand better the benefits and pitfalls that come with designing in such a digital world. With this knowledge, my colleagues and I can become more intelligent designers, resulting in a better architectural product for the inhabitants of our built environment.